Free planispheres by Jan Tošovský Fellow Czech astronomy enthusiast Jan Tošovský provides an outstanding web application for generating customized planispheres. You simply start the application in your web browser, set your geographic latitude and the program automatically generates the print files for your cardboard planisphere. You can switch between a color and a black-and-white design and choose from several dozen languages for the labels. Additionally, you can customize the planisphere even more, e.g. by switching on/off the constellation lines, constellation boundaries, the Milky Way, RA/Dec coordinates, the ecliptic and other chart details. Once printed on cardboard, cut out the components of the planisphere with scissors and join them. The only additional part you have to supply is a round headed paper fastener for the rotation axis. Thank you Jan Tošovský for this great utiliity! To start the web application, visit Jan‘s planisphere web page.
Free planispheres by Jan Tošovský
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Visit the desktop version of our website - you will find a ton of more astronomical images, stories and reviews.
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