Bresser WiFi Camera 1.3MP The Bresser WiFi Camera 1.3MP is a lunar and planetary imaging cam controlled via WiFi. This highly affordable cam is a very nice tool for beginners who own a small telescope and want to give astrophotography a try. Rookies will especially benefit from the integrated 0.36x focal reducer that produces a large field of view and makes it easy to target and center celestial objects. For astrophotography beginners it will also come very handy that no computer is needed to operate the camera. Since the cam works via WiFi, any smartphone or tablet will suffice. The app provided by Bresser is far from being a state-of-the-art imaging acquisition software but it does the job. A mobile device connected to the cam shows a live stream on its display. Stills and videos can be recorded on the fly. Both stills and videos have a size of 1280x720 pixels, the larger formats available are mere interpolations. Captured videos can be processed later with software tools like Registax or AstroStakkert to produce stills with reduced noise and increased sharpness. The sample below is a stack of 500 frames, taken from a 20-second video recorded on the evening of August 20, 2016 from a window sill in Vienna, Austria. It was shot with the Moon still very low in the sky at the prime focus of an ETX-70, which is a good example of a small beginners scope. We tried the same imaging configuration on a star field and reached magnitude 6 on Vienna’s city sky.
Moon with Bresser WiFi Camera 1.3MP and ETX-70