Free star atlases for everyone Japanese amateur astronomer, Toshimi Taki, has compiled three star atlases, which can be called an absolute must-have for stargazers. The first of the three atlases (image below, left) is perfect for observing with small binoculars. It includes stars down to 6.5mag on 12 charts. The second atlas (image below, center) actually is a double and multiple star atlas and goes down to stars of 7.0mag. It consists of 36 charts, which are accompanied by a catalog listing all charted double stars with great detail. The third atlas (image below, right) is a nice companion for deep sky observations with a small telescope. Its stellar limiting magnitude is 8.5mag and it shows more than 2900 deep sky objects on 146 charts. All atlases are available in PDF format for free. To download your own copies of the three atlases, visit Toshimi Taki's website.
Three free star atlases by japanese amateur astronomer Toshimi Taki