AstroTrac 320 imaging tips The combination of a DSLR with an Astrotrac tracking mount makes a lightweight, versatile and extremely portable system that allows deep-sky imaging at remote sites. Your imaging location needs no infrastructure and no access road. Where you can go on foot, the Astrotrac/DSLR system can go. Setup becomes easy after some practice and takes no longer than half an hour. Once up and running, the Astrotrac/DSLR system works as a reliable imaging bot that can be left unattended for hours. But you should be aware that, manufacturer's promises aside, astrophotography never is an easy task. Every imaging tool has to be tuned and customised until it works reliably, otherwise only mediocre results can be expected. The Astrotrac mount is no exception to this rule. For those who want to shoot top-notch images with their Astrotrac/DSLR system we compiled hints and guidelines for download.
PDF with hints and guidlines for AstroTrac 320 imaging
Setting up Astrotrac Imaging Gear on La Palma Island