Precision pointing for tele lenses Ever had a problem pointing a telephoto lens with high accuracy? Then you know that the standard tripod head isn't the perfect solution for astronomical imaging. The Witty-1 is a small yet stable gadget that solves any pointing problems for equipment up to one or two kilograms. Basically, it is a miniature alt-az mount allowing fine adjustments in azimuth and altitude. It screws directly between the photo tripod and camera/lens. The device even can be mounted on a telescope tube and serve as a convenient piggyback-mount. The Witty-1 is well manufactured, the knobs are large and the fine adjustments are smooth and reliable. For the cost of a quality ballhead it is a true bargain. The Witty-1 is sold by Baader Planetarium.
Witty-1 easy pointing for tele lenses