Multimedia presentation in Natural History Museum Vienna project nightflight had been invited by the Natural History Museum Vienna to give a presentation about their work on the evening of November 11, 2015. For this occasion, the members of the astrophotography group designed a special multi-media presentation focusing on the beauty of the night sky. The event was very well attended, an audience of about 200 came to the worldwide renowned museum to experience the starry sky in colorful nightscapes and deep-sky images. Professor Dr. Christian Koeberl, director general of the museum, welcomed the audience and pointed out how important it is to reduce and prevent light pollution, the mission pursued by project nightflight. The presentation, held by one of the group's astrophotographers Karoline Mrazek, included an introduction to twilight phenomena, several deep-sky objects shot from really dark locations and multi-media nightscapes with actual nocturnal sounds recorded at the imaging sites. The evening was rounded off by stargazing tips and recommendations to the audience how and where they can explore the night sky themselves. The talk ended with an invitation to help protect and preserve the night sky. After the one hour presentation the highly interested audience stayed on for about another hour and asked questions about the equipment used, the perception of the human eye, image processing techniques and dark-sky locations.
project nightflight multimedia presentation at the Natural History Museum Vienna
Very special thanks go to the project nightflight contributing member Ernest Jungwirth, who shot this incredibly vivid image during the presentation. Back to PROJECTS