Grossmugl sky test How deep can we go only a few dozen kilometers outside of Vienna? To find the answer we drove to the village Grossmugl, just 35km north of Vienna's city center and set up our imaging equipment. It was the evening of February 23, 2014, and the beginning of an average night with mediocre transparency. The naked eye limiting magnitude was 6.4mag, but the zodiacal light was plainly visible in the west. For the shots we used a Jupiter-9 85mm lens @f/4 on a modded EOS 350D body with an ISO setting of 1600. We did 24 exposures of 4 minutes, LPS-P2 filtered and tracked by an Astrotrac 320X-AG. After stacking the subs the quite astonishing result became obvious: Not only the familiar blue nebulae around the Pleiades cluster are visible, but all over the image the quite faint surrounding dust clouds are beginning to show as well. Taking into account that on nights with really good transparency the Grossmugl sky is even better, this location seems to be a promising site for local astro imagers.
Pleiades Star Cluster imaged at the Grossmugl Star Walk Installation / Sternenweg GroƟmugl