Watch Karoline explain how to get the original project nightflight knit cap.
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Deborah Byrd Earthsky "I really love it and have worn it a couple of times already" Deborah Byrd is a famous American science journalist and founder of the Texas Star Party. She also is executive producer of the Earth & Sky radio series and editor-in-chief of the web portal. When we published our sounds of the night project, Deborah was the first to make it widely known by posting it in her EarthSky blog.
Richard Clements Barnard Astronomical Society "Now that comes in handy for stargazing" The president of the Barnard Astronomical Society, Dr. Richard Clements (center), came over to visit the Star Walk that project nightflight built in the Austrian town Grossmugl. Richard was very excited about the Star Walk and plans to set up a similar installation in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Mike Weasner Cassiopeia Observatory "I will proudly wear it in Cassiopeia Observatory" Mike is the godfather of the ETX community. For almost two decades he has been supporting newcomers with invaluable information on how to choose, use and tune ETX telescopes. He now runs his own private observatory in Arizona, USA. Mike always found encouraging words for our work and posted a lot of our images and articles on his sites.
Ana Garcia Suarez Astro La Palma "I will certainly use it up in the cold nights in La Palma" Ana, a professional astrophysicist, hosts astronomical tours organized by Astro La Palma on the star island La Palma. She does a wonderful job in letting visitors experience the amazing La Palma night sky. When not stargazing herself, she is very active in promoting La Palma as an astronomical tourist destination. Ana has been frequently posting links to the images we shot at La Palma.
Mike Haldas CCTV Camera Pros "I will wear it when skiing with my son" Mike, entrepreneur and former rescue specialist of the US Marine Corps, runs a CCTV surveillance equipment business in Florida, US. On his webiste, he hosts a comprehensive list of links to astrophotography resources, including project nightflight.
Christian Köberl Natural History Museum Vienna "Thank you for the nice knit-cap" Dr. Christian Köberl is a professor of impact research and planetary geology at the University of Vienna, director general of the Natural History Museum in Vienna and member of the Austrian Acadamy of Sciences. In November 2015, he invited us to give a public multimedia presentation of our work in the Natural History Museum in Vienna.
Stefanie Suchy The Plight with Light "I’m sure it will serve me well in cold starry nights" Stefanie is the leader of the project "The Plight with Light", an initiative of the Tyrolean Enviromental Ombudsman on the subject of the careful use of light. The project is funded by the European Union and the Austrian Government. Stefanie helped spread the word about project nightflight activities on numerous occasions.
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