project nightflight team leaders
project nightflight is a team of astrophotographers who espouse the protection of the night sky. project nightflight is a registered non-profit association in Austria under the official name "Association for the Presentation and Conservation of the Starry Sky". The association unites experienced, world-wide active astrophotographers in their endeavor to show the unspoiled starry sky on pictures and to internationally promote its conservation as environmental resource. To support this goal, astronomical articles and striking photos of the night sky are published. The project nightflight team is headed by Karoline Mrazek and Erwin Matys. Karoline is a translator by training, specialized in writing promotional and technical English documents for high-tech companies. Astronomically, she has some 10 years of practical astrophotography experience. When observing visually she goes after even the faintest details of an object, whether it is a low-contrast feature on Jupiter or a tiny wisp in a galaxy's spiral arm. In all cases, she loves to go to the limit in her stargazing experience. Erwin is a marketing professional and author of several marketing publications. He specializes in marketing sophisticated high-end products. Astronomically, he looks back on over 30 years' worth of astrophotography experience and never stops improving his imaging techniques to perfection. His university education included an in-depth training in spherical astronomy and satellite navigation. Erwin knows the sky like the back of his hand and can spend endless hours stargazing without getting tired. contact and legal notice: project nightflight - Verein zur Darstellung und Erhaltung der Schönheit des Sternenhimmels ZVR: 233729623 Hellwagstraße 14/2 Top 12 1200 Vienna, Austria, Europe Email: Data Privacy Statement in the meaning of the GDPR (DSGVO): This website does not use cookies and does not store or otherwise process personal data. Log files are stored with the webhosting provider for 10 days before they are deleted.